Root Canals

Root canals are often necessary to save teeth from dying, to prevent neighboring teeth from becoming vulnerable, and to alleviate severe pain. Yet, many people have misconceptions regarding root canals, and they let these misconceptions keep them from having necessary treatment. Understanding exactly what root canals are and what they are used for will help you feel more at ease should the situation arise where your oral health depends on having the procedure done.

a woman sitting comfortably on a dental chair

Every single tooth inside the mouth is a living feature. Each tooth has its own root, with its own blood supply and nerves that provide life to it. If a tooth is damaged, the life of the tooth is put at extreme risk. Cavities, decay, trauma, and infection all pose serious threats to the teeth because of how each of these can affect the inner layer of the teeth. When damage to a tooth affects in root of the tooth, extreme pain is typical as well as the decline in the tooth’s health. Extreme pain is felt because the sensitive nerve endings are being directly affected, and the decline in health is caused by the tooth’s lifeline being directly compromised. A damaged tooth will not heal itself. Avoiding treatment will only lead to much more serious concerns and unbearable pain.

Root canals are performed under local anesthesia so that patients do not feel pain or discomfort during the procedure. At Huebner Smiles, we take patient comfort very seriously and will do our part to ensure that you are comfortable before, during, and after any dental procedure. Root canals are very straight-forward, following four specific steps once anesthesia has been administered.

  1. The damaged tooth will be opened.
  2. The infection, decay, or damage will be removed from inside the tooth as well as the complete tooth root.
  3. Antibiotics will be given to prevent any infection from spreading.
  4. The entire tooth will be filled and then sealed in order to block bacteria from entering the tooth, and to prevent further damage from occurring.

Root canals are not painful! If you have any type of dental pain or discomfort, please contact Huebner Smiles today. If your tooth requires a root canal, you will leave our practice after the procedure feeling much better – and having a much healthier smile. Our entire practice is dedicated to providing comfortable and compassionate care. Please call today.