Invisalign in
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Have you been contemplating getting your teeth straightened? The idea of metal braces is a turnoff for many adults. There is an alternative method in orthodontics that does not require metal wires and brackets for those who qualify.

Invisalign in San Antonio, Texas

Invisalign is a method of straightening teeth that is easy and comfortable. Your teeth will gradually straighten out, and your friends and family will barely notice the process if they notice at all!

Invisalign uses customized clear plastic trays that fit snugly over your teeth. Your teeth are gently shifted into position by the forces applied through the appliance. Every two to three weeks, you will be provided with another set of aligners to move your teeth into the next position. This is a discreet method of acquiring the straight smile you have always wanted. Invisalign aligners are smooth and comfortable to wear. They do not have any sharp edges or harsh wires to irritate the soft tissues of your mouth.

Adults appreciate not just the virtual invisibility of clear aligners, but they also appreciate the convenience also. With Invisalign, you are able to maintain your regular eating habits. The aligners are removable for meals and snack time. You can eat whatever foods you want, just take out your aligners, enjoy your meal and pop them back in. Oral hygiene is just as simple. There are no wires or brackets to navigate and no extra cleaning devices for hard to reach areas because the aligners do not create such spaces as do traditional braces. Take out your aligners when it is time to brush and floss your teeth and put them back in when your routine is complete. What could be simpler?


Invisalign Teen

Teens love wearing Invisalign Teen aligners for the same reasons as adults. They do not have to be self-conscious as their teeth are being straightened, and they can enjoy eating what their friends are eating without worry. Your teenager may have to wear the aligners longer than an adult; however, the results will be worth the wait.

Check Your Fit

Invisalign uses a series of custom-made aligners designed to fit comfortably over your teeth. It is essential that your aligners fit well so your treatment processes quickly as planned. Chewies are to be used to help close any air gaps between your teeth and your aligners.

When you first start with a new set of aligner trays, they may not fit tightly against your teeth. Biting down on a chewie helps the aligners fit more closely to the teeth so that your treatment progresses faster. Using the chewies also helps relieve tension and discomfort when putting in a fresh set of aligners.

Invisalign Tracking

Invisalign Chewie

To use an aligner chewie, just place it between your teeth and bite down. Makes sure your bite and hold for at least five seconds before releasing. Then move it from one end of your mouth to the other, continuing to bite up and down until you have bitten on it will all your teeth.

Then keep repeating the process five to ten minutes to ensure your aligners are well-seated against your teeth. Do this exercise at least twice a day (morning and at night). You can wash them after each use with mild soap and water and then re-use them several times before they lose their elasticity.

If you feel that there is an area or tooth that is not fitting the trays as well as others, do additional chewie exercises on those specific areas. Use the chewies every time you change to a new set of aligners as they will help the aligners seat well on your teeth to help achieve the best possible tooth movement.

Invisalign Tracking

If you or your teenager are in need of straightening out crooked teeth, contact Huebner Smiles Dentistry and Orthodontics. Make an appointment for a consultation so we can make a determination as to the best method of getting you that beautifully straight smile.

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Angelica B.

Thank you for the excellent customer service and easy, affordable prices. I started 1 year ago at Huebner Smiles with major anxiety regarding my dental condition. Your staff is incredible. Best decision I made.
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Ron Z.

I’ve seen Dr. Goldwyn in the past and now that he is in his new office things are better than ever. State of the art equipment! Wonderful staff! Claudia, Cynthia, Gwen and the receptionist all treated me so nice. Not to mention the surprise in the reception room!!!
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Ron Z.

Love love love this place!!!!! The team and docs are so friendly and inviting. They helped ease my mind off my anxiety by explaining the process of what they were doing as they were doing it. If you have a fear about going to the dentist give them a try!
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